Editions on Sun Ra by Hartmut Geerken

‚Äěchronological discography of the acoustic works of sun ra 1956-1981 & index of musicians & index of instruments & index of tunes for the same period". Athen (Selbstverlag) 1982.

"Omniverse Sun Ra. Comprehensive Pictorial and Annotated Discography, Including Record Title Index, Composition Index, Personnel Index, Instrument Index, Saturn Label and Vinyl Number Index, Record Label Index and Essays, Photo Documents, Tapeography, Filmography, Bibliography". Hg. von Hartmut Geerken. Wartaweil (Waitawhile) 1994.

Sun Ra. The Immeasurable Equation. The Collected Poetry and Prose compiled and edited by James L. Wolf and Hartmut Geerken. Introductions and Essays by James L. Wolf, Hartmut Geerken, Sigrid Hauff, Klaus Detlef Thiel, and Brent Hayes Edwards. Photography by Robert Lax, Angelika Jakob. Wartaweil: Waitawhile 2005. 540 S.

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