The International WAITAWHILE
Sun Ra Conventions

may 22, 1994, wartaweil. ra's 80th birthday. kurban bayram (30 lamb knuckles)
bap-tizum of "omniverse sun ra"
christian burchard & eva, grace yoon, roman bunka, gabi geist, michael bauer & evita, karl bruckmaier, eberhard gommlich, salmei farhad & dochi, lisbeth exner, herbert krapfer, horst deyhle & wife, 4 ulenspiegelians, anton kuchelmeister, bernd hefele, sigrid hauff, hartmut geerken

may, 1995, wartaweil
no memoranda

may 1996, wartaweil
no memoranda

may 29, 1997, wartaweil. lamb curry/rice etc.
the (at that time) non-existing impulse albums "cymbals" & "crystal spears"
anton kuchelmeister, dagmar gabler & ines, thomas feibel & barbara, benoît lacasse, bernd hefele, marion schole, klaus podak, niko humbert, werner penzel, grace yoon, roman bunka, karl bruckmaier, sh, hg

may 30, 1998, wartaweil. greek lamb etc.
the berlin & donaueschingen concerts 1970/robert lax: sun ra, notes & numbers/robert lax - john gilmore: the family
klaus detlef thiel, anton kuchelmeister, bernd hefele, lisbeth exner, herbert karpfer, malcolm green, michael hornstein & konstanze, sh, hg

may 30, 1999, wartaweil. wild boar etc.
three unknown poems by sr, recited by trudy morse with hartmut geerken on sun ra's sun harp/rehearsal tapes/poetry tape rec. by paul smith/ pandaemonium presented by chris trent
klaus detlef thiel, marion schole, anton kuchelmeister, trudy morse, bernd hefele, suso navarrete, chris trent, sh, hg
recital cd, edited by suso navarrete (8 copies)

june 24, 2000, wartaweil.
roma april 1988 (video)/venezia 1976 solo p (video/extended synthesizer soli/etc.
klaus detlef thiel, chris trent, rudie kagie, bernd hefele, anton kuchelmeister, sh, hg

may 12, 2001, wartaweil. trouts with potato salad, chicken curry/rice etc.
the two paris shows (arkestra & all stars) of nov. 1, 1983/additional material of the "lamquidity" session/photo archeology of the berlin concert 1970/etc.
thomas riedwelski, rudie kagie, chris trent, bernd hefele, klaus detlef thiel, sh, hg
a sun/rain convention

march 2-4, 2002, wartaweil. markku salo. maultaschen with potato salad
march 8-10, 2002, amsterdam
march 11-26, 2002, sanyang (gambia)
klaus detlef thiel, rudie kagie, sh, hg
sun ra's poetry every morning for breakfast/etc.
cd rec. in sanyang by hartmut geerken (10 copies)
klaus detlef thiel: "decyfring le sony'r ra (edition swumfsl 2003)

may 31, 2003, wartaweil.
electronic keyboards recital haverford (pa) 1980/ the storrs (conn) shows 1991/1995/th great helsinki performance oct. 14, 1971/ nyc squat theater oct. 31,1081/new videos/'the truth' about alton abraham/ etc.
klaus detlef thiel, suso navarrete, chris trent, ben franklin, bernd hefele, anton kuchelmeister, malcolm green, grace yoon, roman bunka, alexander johnson, joy mather, trudy morse, sh, hg
cd "strange herrschings" edited by suso navarrete
ben franklin: "the 2003 sun ra conference, herrsching, germany", coda magazine, july/aug. 2003

may 11-26, 2004, gavdos (greece)
chris trent, joy mather, klaus detlef thiel, sh, hg, pythagorean school of arithmetics. 
"ogygia" reading of the whole book by hg
box with 3 cds + fotos + "les gavdos vous crètent. rapport off-i-ciel" by klaus detlef thiel (10 copies)
german version: jazz podium, sept. 2004

may 5-8, 2005, poschiavo (switzerland)
hosted by the 5th uncool festival, two concerts by the arkestra under the direction of marshall allen/poetry by sun ra recited by members of the arkestra, steve mccall & bobby few
chris hilling, volker müller, klaus detlef thiel, suso navarrete & eulalia, chris trent, joy mather, alexander johnson, bernd hefele, sh, hg
klaus detlef thiel: "puschlaver momente", jazz podium, sept. 2005
video of the arkestra by anita geerken
several foto cds

may 26-29, 2006, wartaweil. bullennuss aus dem holzofen mit beilagen/ hirschgulasch/puree etc./riesiger spanischer schinken
adam abraham's "immeasurable equation"/ trumpet section on "interstellar low ways" lp/salah ragabs new cds from cairo/new film finds/etc.
chris trent, joy mather, klaus detlef thiel, suso navarrete & eulalia, bernd hefele, chris hilling, alexander johnson, rudie kagie, anton kuchelmeister, salah ragab, trudy morse, famoudou don moye, grete wehmeyer, sh, hg, volker müller, johanna neubauer, grace yoon, roman bunka
may 30: live broadcast bayerischer rundfunk mit karl bruckmaier, klaus detlef thiel & hg (60')
cd "sounds from outer space" rec. by hg, edited & publ. by suso navarrete

may 8-15, 2007, sol y mar solitaire, marsa alam (egypt)
cabooze minneapolis nov. 5, 1996/ roma 1977/paris 1971/etc.
chris trent, joy mather, klaus detlef thiel, sh, hg

January 17, 2009, herrsching ("under cover convention!"). detlef thiel, anton j. kuchelmeister, alexander johnson, roman bunka, grace yoon, rudie kagie, johanna neubauer, sigrid hauff & hg (on the occasion of hg's 70th birthday fest)

july 30 - august 1, 2010, teufen/stein (ar) switzerland. alexander johnson, marianne johnson, detlef thiel, chris trent, lukas lindenmaier, sigrid hauff, hg.


"the international waitawhile sun ra conventions" mimas atlas # 12, Berlin (Hybriden-Verlag) 2012. 75 Exemplare. Fotos, Dokumente, Originalarbeit von Klaus Detlef Thiel, signiert, nummeriert, 5 CDs.